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DOH Urges Public to be on Alert against MERS

In light of possible impact from the spread of MERS-CoV upon a number of countries, the Department of Health (DOH) urges schools, communities, medical institutions, and public places to take the following measures: strengthen sterilization of surroundings, educate staff on related knowledge, take precautionary measures, and keep close contact with DOH for the purpose of constructing a sound disease prevention network.
Some of the guidance to ward off the lethal flu include:
1. Individuals who have recently sought medical treatment or visited hospitals in South Korea, and those who have travelled to or stayed in the Middle East, should report to hotel staff or seek assistance via 1922 disease prevention hotline if they develop symptoms of fever, cough, or other ailments within 14 days after arriving in Taiwan.
2. Hospitality businesses are advised to prepare a letter in every room, informing guests about calling the 1922 hotline should they exhibit any flu symptoms. Hand sanitizers should also be made available at lobby counters and elevator entrances.

3. Individuals who plan to participate in concerts or fan meetings involving Korean celebrities should pay attention to personal hygiene, wash hands frequently, and adhere to cough etiquette. Those who are ill should avoid attending such events. Event organizers should resort to high velocity air conditioning at the venue.
4. Maintain good hygiene. Use soap to wash hands. Wear a facial mask when coughing.
For inquiries on disease control and prevention, please dial 1922 (Centers for Disease Control) or 02-2375-3782 (DOH).