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Arborist Certification Helps PSLO Staff Strengthen Management of Trees

To provide professional training and international perspectives on Taipei’s tree maintenance operations, the Parks and Street Lights Office (PSLO) organized the “ISA Arborist Education Training Program” between August and November of 2016.
A total of 96 staff members signed up for the course, taking their off-duty times to participate in classes and training. They received their course completion certificate during the “Joint Graduation Ceremony for Taipei City Parks and Street Lights Office, Kinmen County Forestry Bureau, and Taipei Arborist Studies Class.”
In addition, among the 14 PSLO employees who signed up for the ISA Arborist Certification Exam, 7 individuals passed the test and received their certifications.
PSLO Director Huang Li-yuan remarked that the arborist system has been implemented in other countries for many years. Currently, countries including the US, Japan, and Singapore recognize the qualification. This indicates that the system will likely become a trend in the future. As the largest agency in charge of Taipei’s trees, the agency will introduce systems that help to improve the quality of tree management for the city.
Chief Chen of the agency’s Horticultural Engineering Team pointed out that with the growing importance of urban tree management, the seminars and courses allow workers at PSLO to learn more about the latest knowledge, thereby further enhancing the well-being of trees in the city.