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Thorough Replacement of City’s Lead Pipelines Slated for End of 2017

During a press conference on December 29, the Water Department announced that all lead pipelines within the city’s water supply network will be replaced by the end of 2017.
According to the agency, the original goal for 2016 was set at 60-percent completion. Currently, among the remaining 17,714 households in Taipei City still connected with lead pipelines, the replacement works for 12,876 households have been completed, meeting the 60-percent goal in mid-October.
Deputy Mayor Teng Chia-ji pointed out that even though the project will be completed ahead of schedule, a small number of households will be not be able to have their pipe connection replaced due to land rights conflicts, where the land owners refuse construction on their private property, or having concerns that replacement work might affect the furnishing of their homes. However, the Water Department will continue to communicate with these households or landlords, hoping to acquire their consent.
The deputy mayor remarked that the majority of lead pipes were deployed before 1979. In general, buildings completed after 1979 are safe – unless the builders illegally installed lead pipes. The Water Department has been working on replacement of the lead pipes over the past 12 years. Pipes with length over 30 meters have all been removed.
Teng stressed that over 400 kilometers worth of pipelines have been replaced across 12 years. Under the command of the mayor, the Water Department strengthened its effort in pipeline replacement, successfully moving the completion date to the end of 2017. Regarding the water safety, the deputy mayor noted that all drinking water complys with regulations. If residents are concerned about the safety of tap water in their house, they can contact the Water Department (TEL:02-8733-5678).