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NT$1,280 All Pass Ticket to be Discontinued June 30

Some facts on All PassSince its introduction in April of 2018, the NT$1280 All Pass Ticket has reported sales reaching roughly 300,000 copies a month. However, with the new TPASS/Megacity Pass being activated in July, All Pass will be discontinued on June 30 to make way for the new type of monthly ticket. 


According to the Department of Transportation (DOT), the phenomenally popular All Pass have sold an accumulative 16 million tickets through May of 2023. The peak figure of monthly sales was reached in October of 2019 – an astonishing 340,000 copies! Roughly 20-percent of commuters take public transportation with All Pass, with the figure remain relatively stable even during the pandemic. The tool is also a milestone for public transportation development in Greater Taipei.


However, starting July 1, the new Megacity Pass will cover a greater expanse which includes Keelung City, New Taipei City, Taipei City, and Taoyuan City. In addition to MRT and local buses, the new pass will be valid for rides on Taiwan Railway, intercity bus/coach, and Airport MRT within the aforementioned zone. Available at an affordable price of NT$1,200, the Megacity Pass will provide the public with more convenient access to a wide range of public transportation.


DOT reminds those who already own the NT$1,280 All Pass to continue using the ticket up through expiration date. However, for those who wishes to take the transportation options not available via All Pass, refund procedures can be conducted either at MRT station information counter or online via Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation’s online refund website (https://ssl.metro.taipei/ticket1280/apply/).  


As one EasyCard can only register one kind of monthly pass, those who already have a valid All Pass will have to bring a different EasyCard to preorder the Megacity Pass. 


For holders of SuperCard who is also a member of Easy Wallet, he or she has the additional option of preordering the Megacity Pass directly through the Easy Wallet app.