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Shilin Cixian Temple’s Matsu Procession to Take Place on May 3

Map of the Matsu procession and related traffic control measuresThe Shilin Cixian Temple will organize a large procession to celebrate the birthday of the Goddess Matsu on Monday, May 3.
The route of the annual procession spans the entire neighborhood of the temple. The crowd and participants follow the goddess, who is placed on her sedan chair, as she visits various locations across the district. The destinations include MRT Shilin Station, MRT Jiantan Station, the areas around Shilin Night Market, Zhongzheng Road, and Wenlin Road.
The event is expected to last from 1 PM through 8 PM.
With the activity taking place on a workday, the Shilin Police Precinct has devised a traffic control plan for the areas along the procession route, seeking to minimize the impact of the crowd upon traffic flow in surrounding areas.  
Due to the massive traffic volume on major thoroughfares during workdays, the Shilin Police Precinct calls upon visitors planning to attend the religious procession to take the MRT or bus.
For drivers, please stay tuned to the Police Broadcasting Service to check on the latest traffic updates. During major events and activities, drivers should avoid entering the area by taking detours and following the instructions of traffic police and/or volunteer police personnel helping to maintain traffic flow at the site.