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Mayor Vows to Resolve Pay Disparity for Nurses at TCH

Mayor Ko Wen-je attended the celebrations for 2016 International Nurse Day in the afternoon of May 11.
During his address, the mayor expressed his gratitude to the contribution of nurses in our daily life. He remarked that the city government is working on improving the salary differences for nurses employed at Taipei City Hospital.
Ko pointed out that the International Nurse Day is a day dedicated to all Florence Nightingales out there. The work schedule of nurses is extremely intense, noted the mayor, especially for those serving night and late night shifts. Having spent 17 years as the director of the intensive care unit, Ko said he completely understands the responsibilities of these health workers.
On the issue of pay, Ko admitted that it is quite a challenge for nurses to take on their responsibilities with their current salaries. He specifically cited the pay disparity at Taipei City Hospital between standard civil servants and contracted employees.
He consulted with Superintendent Huang Sheng-jean on this issue and decided that “same pay for the same work” should be established for fairness. Taipei City Hospital will attempt to settle the pay disparity within one year through four salary raises within this period.
While he cannot affect private hospitals, Ko believes it is a start by doing what he can do within his power.