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City to Prioritize Dismantlement of Illegal Structures Endangering Public Safety

Rooftop structure being dismantled by a workerIn an effort to protect citizens, the Construction Management Office (CMO) has prioritize the removal of illegal buildings and structures that endanger public safety. Regardless of whether the illegal structure existed before 1994, the agency will list them as priority for inspection and follow-up.
CMO pointed out that since 2015, it has dealt with numerous illegal constructions posing risk to public safety. The list includes: 1,890 structures blocking fire walls/alleys; 520 illegal rooftop additions; 1,843 illegal rooftop structures with 3 or more segregated units; 998 illegal facilities used as commercial kitchen; 418 cases of illegal structures blocking path for fire vehicles; 1,274 cases reported to the 1999 hotline; and 1,756 structures requiring installation of smoke detectors.
According to the agency, the priority of illegal structure removal seeks to strengthen public safety. CMO will continue to tackle illegal constructs that threaten the safety of Taipei’s residents.
The agency expects to achieve the following by the end of 2022: dismantlement of 113 facilities which are being utilized as commercial kitchens and disassembly of 151 rooftop addons subdivided into 3 or more units.
CMO also calls upon the owners of the aforementioned structures to cooperate with city hall regarding the removal or implementation of mandated adjustments to their property. After the required actions have been taken, the owners should not attempt to rebuild or restore the structure to its original state. Violators will risk forced demolition being executed by the authority.