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Mayor: City to Hire Additional Pandemic Prevention Staff

Health officials holding a meeting on pandemic preventionTo better serve members of the public who have been placed under home quarantine or home isolation, the city government established the district care centers in the respective city districts in response to the new adjustments to pandemic prevention policies. Given the rapid rise in the number of quarantined individuals and the growing pressure on existing staff, the city government is now looking for additional manpower.
Each district care center requires 12 new workers – resulting in a total of 144 openings. The hourly wage for the position is NT$230, and the work location is at the respective centers. Considering the average 40 work hours per week, the monthly salary falls in the ballpark of NT$36,800. The work period will start on May 1 and conclude on December 31 (or within 7 days of the closing of district care centers).
The worker’s responsibilities include assisting individuals isolated or quarantined at home; calling individuals on a daily basis to check status; checking their needs for daily necessities (goods purchase or delivery arrangement, care packages, waste removal, pet care, student care, and more); registering cases and assigning dispatches, and answering calls.
The district care centers stress that operations continue through the weekends, as the pandemic is a persistent threat. Those hired for the work will have their choice of either Saturday or Sunday as one of the days off, and either Tuesday or Friday as the other free day.
In addition, the Department of Health and affiliated health centers is expected to hire a total of 133 temporary staff members. The responsibilities of the position include arranging needs for rapid tests, dispatching quarantine notice, inputting information to the vaccination database, and more. The pay, work time, and contract duration are on pars with the district care center openings. Those interested should take note that the work may require routine reassignment to respective district health centers depending on actual need.