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Taipei City Department of Finance Set Up the First Smart Tax Workstation Nationwide, the Self-Service Counter Providing Public Convenient and Secure Tax Services

The subordinate agency of Department of Finance (DOF), Taipei City Government, Taipei City Revenue Service (TRS) has pioneered to integrated tax service facilities into one workstation. The Smart Tax Workstation has been set up at the 1st floor of the Taipei City Hall, integrating features such as Kiosk, Multimedia touch display machine, and video e-consultation, which allows the public to have tax services just like in counter. The workstation was officially launched on June 28th, welcoming the public to use.

Commissioner of DOF, Ms. Hsiao-Lan Hu expressed that this innovative service initiative is designed with the public service oriented. DOF observed that the current Joint Service Center on the 1st floor of the Taipei City Hall does not include a physical counter of the tax agency, she noted that many tax services are closely related to the civil services provided by the center. For example, applications for some certain subsidies require submission of property or income lists issued by the tax agencies, and the certificate of house tax payment is necessary when applying household registration in some cases, such as movements.

Commissioner Hu further emphasized that she hopes to leverage intelligent and secure services through citizen digital certificates, to provide individuals to obtain tax certifications and related consultation and education on taxation matters without visiting the taxation office in person. Additionally, when necessary, real-time online face-to-face communication with tax officials will be facilitated.

According to statistics from the TRS, there are 17 counter services frequently requested by the public, all are accessible through Kiosk terminals. By following instructions with their citizen digital certificates, citizens can obtain physical documents directly. In addition to nationwide property and income list queries and printing, the public can also access property tax and house tax payment certificates from Taipei city, New Taipei city, Keelung city, and Taoyuan city.

For tax problem inquiries, video e-consultation services are available during office hours by pressing a service bell to communicate face-to-face with service personnel. Adjacent to the Kiosk, a Multimedia touch display machine provides information on House Hoarding Tax 2.0, frequently asked questions about taxation, payment methods, and other municipal information. There's also a section featuring animated videos on taxation, traffic safety, food safety, fraud prevention, and consumer protection, which children can enjoy while adults use the Kiosk services, effectively enhancing children's awareness of various safety issues.

The workstation’s service hours are extended beyond regular office hours, available until 10 PM on weekdays and open on weekends and holidays, allowing people to access tax documents at their convenience, much like ATM services. Citizens are encouraged to utilize and experience these services to their fullest extent.

Director of TRS, Mr. Ni Yung-Tsu concluded by stating that the Smart Tax Workstation commenced its trial operation on June 24th, receiving positive feedback from the public during that period. With the number of people entering and exiting the Taipei City Hall over ten thousand, the introduction of the Smart Tax Workstation not only enhances the comprehensiveness of municipal services but also aims to assess public feedback and needs. Future plans include expanding service offerings and improving accessibility, thereby reducing the time and distance for citizens conducting business.

Director Ni emphasized the use of intelligent technology to build a safe and future-oriented city. For more detailed service information, the public can visit the TRS website, call the toll-free number 0800-000321, or contact the service hotline at 02-23949211 extensions 181 or 182, where dedicated personnel are available to assist and answer inquiries.