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Taipei, Keelung Join Hands to Promote Fishing Industry

On April 26, Mayor Ko Wen-je visited Bisha Harbor in Keelung City where he attended a meeting with local fishermen’s group representatives to learn about the production and sale process of fishery products. The trip resulted in boosting cooperation between the two northern municipalities.
The collaboration initiative, jointly organized by the Department of Economic Development and the Department of Education with Keelung City Government, involves supplying fresh seafood for lunch entrees at Taipei’s Jingxing Elementary School by the Fishermen’s Association of Keelung City.
Government officials from the two cities joined students in having lunch packed with seasonal and certified seafood from Keelung. The two local governments will work to introduce the harbor city’s specialty fishery goods to Taipei in support of the fishing industry.
In addition, the Fishermen’s Association of Keelung City will also join hands with supermarkets such as Wellcome and Taipei Fishery Marketing Corporation to set up booth offering Keelung’s seafood starting June 15.
Residents are invited to go for some seafood shopping and free sampling at the Taipei Fish Market on Minzu East Road during a grand promotion event slated for July 5.