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Dancing Doll Orchid Showcase at Shilin Residence

To welcome Mother’s Day and the summer season, the Parks and Street Lights Office (PSLO) will be holding a showcase on oncidium orchids (dancing doll orchids) at the Shilin Residence between May 7 and June 12.
According to PSLO Director Huang Li-yuan pointed out that Taiwan is often referred to as the Kingdom of Orchids, and many tourists and travelers want to enjoy the beauty of orchids during their visit to the island. The Shilin Residence is the only place in Taipei where orchids are on routine display.
According to chief Ho Chi-hua of the agency’s Horticulture Section, this exhibition will also showcase “Zgd. Calico Gem ‘Green Valley #1” – the first dancing doll orchid from Taiwan to be patented. Not only is this special breed of dancing doll orchid bigger than its peers, it is also immensely popular among market consumers in recent years.
The Xinlan Pavilion, venue of the dancing orchid showcase, is open from 8 AM to 5 PM.
In addition to the dancing doll orchid showcase at the Shilin Residence, the “Wash mommy’s feet” event celebrating Mother’s Day will also take place at the nearby Zhicheng Park on Saturday, May 7. The event is organized by the Bliss and Wisdom Foundation.