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Mayor Recognizes Outstanding Social Workers at Award Ceremony

Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je attended the award ceremony to honor outstanding social workers on March 31.
During his address, the mayor pointed out the importance of replacing possible confrontations after the fact with communication beforehand. He noted that this core belief will be the basis of city government’s policy implementation in the future.
Ko stressed that finding out what challenges might be encountered during implementation before a policy is implemented would be the key. Social workers plays an important role in dealing with human-related issues, and by resolving these issues ahead of time will ensure smoother implementation of the policy.
Citing a quote stating that mothers were created because God cannot be everywhere, the mayor remarked that social workers play similar roles because he cannot look after everyone. To reduce confrontations in our society, he believes that social workers will be required to do a lot of work beforehand.
When talking about the City’s approach in dismantling 226 illegal structures, Ko praised social workers for carrying out their duties. He noted that the personnel would visit the households living inside these structures and understand the difficulties they are facing. By understanding the problems and offering possible solutions such as relocation assistance, the City was able to carry out the order by the deadline without encountering stiff or violent resistance.
At the ceremony, the mayor presented awards to 42 outstanding social workers and expressed his gratitude to the winners for their contribution to society.