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DOT Improves Traffic Environment in Local Neighborhoods with New Initiative

An alleyway intersectionThe Department of Transportation (DOT) introduced the Borough and Neighborhood Traffic Environment Improvement Project (Borough and Neighborhood 2.0) in 2020 to further improve traffic environment at the borough level.
Being the second phase of the neighborhood traffic environment improvement initiative, the current plan focuses on areas not prioritized in the previous edition such as boroughs located near hospitals and schools which see high numbers of visitors and pedestrians. Concepts such as quiet traffic zones and school-commute paths are also brought into consideration.
DOT also implemented a new intersection warning sign to remind road users to slow down when approaching an intersection along narrow alley. It hopes to enhance the safety of alleyway traffic through sign placement to provide warning ahead of time.
Since the implementation of the first Borough and Neighborhood Traffic Environment Improvement Project (Borough and Neighborhood 1.0) in August of 2015, the city government completed the traffic environment improvement planning for all 456 boroughs by the end of 2019. The city government carried out all upgrades listed in the plans at the end of June, 2020.
Examples of traffic environment upgrade implemented include adjustments to red and yellow lines, drawing new car and scooter parking squares, reorganize alley traffic flow, and improve obstacle-free environment.
A survey among residents conducted in 2019 indicated an approval score of 81 points for this policy, showing a high degree of satisfaction from the respondents.