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New Book on City Mascot ‘Bravo’ Now Available

New Book on City Mascot ‘Bravo’ Now AvailableA new book introducing the mascot of Taipei -- Bravo the Bear – is now on sale!

“Taiwan Indigenous Bear – Bravo” features photos of Bravo at various activities, recordings of its many “first” experiences, and its interaction with Mayor Ko Wen-je. Through the book, readers will be able to learn about the ups and downs of Bravo’s “career” - from a barely-known mascot bear to its ascension to stardom during the Taipei Universiade.

During the book launch event, Bravo’s manager shared with the audience some of the challenges the project encountered along the way. At one time, the promotional team braved the chilly cold front to take Bravo up to Yangmingshan - just to document some cute moments of the mascot playing with snow. When the City was in full swing to promote the summer sports event, Bravo worked hard to help market the Universiade through attending an average of 50 events each month.

As one who played a major role in the creation of Bravo, Information and Tourism Commissioner Chien Yu-yen noted that each time when Bravo was assigned a mission, it was a test of teamwork. Members of the project team had to ensure every detail was perfect, so as not to fail the people of the island who hold high expectations for Bravo.

The book is now available at Eslite, Kingstone, Taipei City Government Publications and Souvenirs Center, National Bookstore, Wunan Books, San Min Book, Books.com, and other online bookshops.

A total of three book-signing sessions will be held at Zhongshan Metro Hall Eslite R79 (2 PM, January 20), Taichung Showtimes Square Kingstone (6 PM, January 27), and Kaohsiung Global Mall Kingstone (2 PM, January 28), respectively. Individuals presenting the new book for Bravo’s signature will receive a limited-edition “Bravo fortune dollar.”