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What are the things to note for fire prevention in a general household?

1. Refrain from wearing loose clothing and roll up your sleeves while cooking; do not be distracted with other matters. 2. If fire occurs due to carelessness while using the gas stove, turn off the stove and the gas valve immediately and put out the fire by covering it with a pot lid or wet cloth. 3. Do not use the stove or smoke after drinking or taking medication. 4. Do not smoke in bed and keep lighters away from the reach of young children. 5. Do not connect too many plugs on the wire sockets, and wire sockets should be dusted frequently. 6. Ash trays should have a big opening, depth and not be easily toppled. 7. "Standalone smoke detectors" should be installed inside and outside the room. 8. Use a timer to switch on and off electrical appliances. 9. The elderly and people with mobility impairments should have rooms nearest to emergency exits. 10. When using a heater, keep combustible objects at least 1 meter away. 11. Do not leave a physically challenged person or children alone at home; in time of fire, assist them to escape as soon as possible. 12. Do not pile things at emergency exits or emergency staircases, as they will impede escape.