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How to escape in case of fire?

I. There are three types of escape situations: when escaping from a disaster, when waiting for help indoors, and when you cannot expect to be rescued.
B. The methods are as follows.
(a) When escaping from a disaster. 
1、 Do not take the elevator.
2. Follow the direction of evacuation and enter the safety ladder through the safety door to escape.
3, the smoke in a low posture crawl, the fire should be 30 centimeters below the ground in the place where there is still air, the smoke should be as soon as possible to escape.
4, along the wall escape, when walking to the safety door, you can enter, and will not happen to walk over the head of the phenomenon.
5、 When you encounter smoke in a fire, do not force yourself through. If your escape is blocked, please return to the relative safety area, close the door and use clothing to tighten the door seam and wait for rescue.
6. Do not hang on to your clothes and belongings at home, and fight for time to escape as early as possible. The last person to leave should close the door to avoid prolonging the fire, and do not lock it to facilitate rescue.
(B) when waiting for rescue indoors.
1、 Use evacuation apparatus to escape.
2、 Plug the door to prevent smoke from flowing in. You can use plastic sheet or wet towel, bed sheet, clothes, etc. to plug the door to prevent smoke from coming in.
3、 Call 119 by phone or cell phone to inform the fire department where you are waiting for help.
4、 Go to a place where you can be easily rescued, such as by a balcony or window, and wait for help.
5、 Avoid breathing smoke. 
(C) when you can not expect to be rescued.
1、 Use the bed sheet or curtain to make an escape rope.
2、 Escape along the drainage pipe outside the house.
3、 Never jump from a building.