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If I have structural safety, building water leakage and soil/water conservation related engineering technical problem, will the city government assign professional technical personnel to provide improvement opinions?

To resolve engineering related issues of agencies and schools and the home safety concerns of the general public in the city, the Taipei City Government cooperates with the professional engineers associations of civil engineers, structural engineers, geotechnical engineers, environmental engineers, electrical engineers, geological engineers, water conservation and hydraulic engineers, etc. to form the “Taipei City Engineers and Experts Consultation Service Team” in order to provide relevant consultation services in the field or via telephone in accordance with the disaster prevention principle of “early prevention is more important than subsequent treatment”. In addition, when the general public has the need for field survey, engineers are also available to arrive at your residence to provide relevant opinions. All of the above services are free of charge.

If you have the need for consultation or wish to learn more about the information on the available time of professional engineers, we welcome you to call the 1999 Taipei Citizen Hotline Ex. 1490 for inquiry or please visit the Taipei City Government Procurement  Information System website at https://gpis.taipei/ and under the section of Procurement Service/Engineers and Experts Consultation Service for relevant information. Thereby, seeking answers for your engineering and technical consultation questions effectively and conveniently via the aforementioned Ext. “1490”!