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Can you tell me how to join the Taipei City Mass Wedding?

I. To be qualified, the bride or groom must be a Taipei City resident or is employed in the Taipei city. In addition, the participants must have no record of violations of related laws and regulations such as the civil code. II. Submission: a. The original and one copy of ID card of both parties and their personal seals ? b. A letter of approval from the legal guardian if the bride or groom is under 20 years of age. c. Two copies of Marriage Report Form if you or your partner is serving in the military service. d. The bride's and groom's Two recent 1"x1" (one inch by one inch) photos e. Payroll slip proof (if both parties are not Taipei citizens) f. Two copies of Application Form and a brief description of how you and your partner met and fell in love III. The application must be submitted to the Civil Affairs Section via any District office during the specific period.