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Information on subsidized installation of residential fire alarms?

 1. At this stage, this bureau is subsidizing the installation of fire alarm devices for houses below the 5th floor without automatic fire alarm equipment. Those who meet the above-mentioned subsidy conditions can bring their ID cards and other relevant documents to the fire brigade or the office near the house. Those who apply for a subsidy and are eligible for subsidy after review by this bureau can receive one police device, but the principle of one subsidy for the same person and address is not allowed.
 2. Because residential fire alarms can detect alarms in advance, improve evacuation, and are cheap and easy to install, in order to improve home safety and households who are not eligible for subsidies, it is recommended to purchase residential fire alarms and install them by themselves.
 3. For more information on police equipment, please refer to the police equipment information website of this bureau https://www.rfd119.119.gov.taipei/ or the website of this bureau https://www.119.gov.taipei/
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