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Our company has great products and would like to submit proposal for our products, which unit shall our company contact?

1.After the implementation of the Government Procurement Act, the procurement information for each type of procurement is published on the Government e-Procurement System website (http://web.pcc.gov.tw). Accordingly, when any agency of this city government has procurement needs, such needs will be uploaded onto the e-Procurement website established by the Public Construction Commission, Executive Yuan. Your company may visit the website to find out if there is any procurement project applicable to your company’s products. If so, your company is welcome to participate in the tendering process.
2.In addition, if your company’s product refers to an engineering material or technology, your company may also register such material or technology under the items of new material, new technology and new technique on the Public Construction Technical Database Platform (http://pcces.pcc.gov.tw/CSInew/) established by the Public Construction Commission, Executive Yuan, in order to provide new materials and products not subject to specific patent or restrictive competition to each agency for use. However, during the registration, please pay attention to the registration instruction during the inputting of information. Once the registration is complete, the project team of the Public Construction Commission, Executive Yuan will reviews the new material related information (such as the ones described in the following) provided by your company:
(1).Relevant tests of physical properties and chemical properties of the material
(2).Mechanical tests of relevant cases, environmental safety test report
(3).Specifications and standards adopted by relevant inspections and tests
(4).Relevant certification documents of ISO, green building, green building materials, environmental protection logo, resource recycling and reuse.
(5).Advantages and benefits in comparison to the traditional materials. After qualifying the review by the project team, the summary form will be displayed at the announcement section as references for review by different sectors and fields.