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The Rebirth of Taipei Songshan Airport – New 180° View Deck

Taipei Songshan Airport View Deck

Taipei Songshan Airport is going through a renaissance of sorts, reimagining itself and taking on new functions and a new look. It remains a key island hub for business travelers, and now a little fun is being added to the airport experience with an observation deck that gives great views of the surrounding cityscape. The old airport of the past 40 years is no more; instead, with the opening of new observation deck, it has recast itself as a tourist destination in its own right.

The deck, on the roof of Terminal 2, is the only observation deck in Taiwan specially designed for watching aircraft taking-off and landing. The observation space is large, measuring about 1,800 square meters, and can accommodate 500 to 600 people comfortably. It is set up like a lounge, has been designed for comfort, and has attractive wood flooring and comfy chairs. The environment is clean, neatly arranged, and safe, and features seating from the celebrated Twig series, imported from Spain. Created by Alexander Lotersztain (who has been called one of the world's ten most influential designers) the modular seats double as sculptures, and are visually very pleasing. At night they radiate a wonderful soft glow that adds even more to their chic look and feel.

Taipei Songshan Airport View Deck
Add: 340-9 Dunhua N. Rd.
Tel: (02) 8770-3460
Hours: 09:00~21:00 (free entry)
Website: http://www.tsa.gov.tw/tsa/en/page.aspx?id=1052

The deck also has an area for light foods and drinks, and sitting down with a nice cup of coffee while taking-in the 180-degree panorama is a fine way to wile away the time. The view encompasses the Miramar Entertainment Park with its rooftop Ferris wheel, Dajia Riverside Park, and the Grand Hotel, all backed by the majestic Datun Mountain Range. As night falls, the colorful lights of the city are lit, adding an air of romance and making this a popular spot for sweethearts.

Another new and interesting attraction at Songshan Airport is the special display wall that has been set up on the third floor of Terminal 2, showing all the various types of aircraft flown by airlines operating out of the airport. You'll find this a great help when heading back up to the deck for a round of plane-spotting. Whatever time of day you come — in the bright afternoon, as dusk arrives, or during the twinkling night hours — your outlook on Taipei will change. Why not come at several different times, and get to know the international city of Taipei in all its moods!