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Taipei Zhongshan Hall

The exterior of Zhongshan HallSituated where the old walled city's west wall once ran, what was originally called the Taipei Assembly Hall was opened in 1936. Originally scheduled for a 1931 opening, to celebrate the ascension of Japan's Emperor Hirohito and provide needed civil-event space (the Japanese ruled Taiwan between 1895-1945), the blueprints came from the hand of the official Japanese colonial govt. designer, IdeKaoru. The results, in terms of scale and design, compare favorably with the best of the great cities of Japan during the period. This was where the Taiwan government once received foreign dignitaries, including former US President Nixon. In 1945, after Taiwan Retrocession (return to Chinese rule), the facility was renamed Zhongshan Hall, using Sun Yat-sen's honorific name.

In 1992 the govt. declared it as Historical Relic of the Second Grade, and since then the expansive, stately facility has become a favorite stage for live-performance artists.

Always an official govt. site, Zhongshan Hall reflects the march of time and events. In the grand plaza is a plaque commemorating victory in the Sino- Japanese War. There is also a grand bronze statue of Sun Yat-sen, itself declared as historical relic by the city, the base of which alone is five meters high. On it is inscribed “Zhongshan Hall”in Chinese, bordered by cut ceramic pieces in Moorish style.

Zhongshan Hall is Historical Relic of the Second Grade, and since then the stately facility has become a favorite stage for live-performance artists.This bronze statue of Sun Yat-sen is hailed a relic from the past. The base of the statue is at least 5 meters tall.The plaza and monument complement each other in a perfectlybalanced two-to-one ratio. On weekends the plaza, stretching from the imposing main portal to the Yongsui St. sidewalk, teems with skateboarders, rendezvousing sweethearts, and other relaxing Taipei folk.

The peaceful coffee stand in the archway downstairs, and the lively Fortress Cafe upstairs, has earned this heritage site an intimate place in Taipeiers' lives. The Fortress Cafe offers educational sessions each week: Want to know how to dance in Beijing-opera style? Study Chinese knotwork? The ins and outs of ancient exercise/breathing/meditation regimens? Come to Zhongshan Hall to get started!

Taipei Zhongshan Hall
Tel: (02)2381-3137     Address: 98, Yanping S. Rd.