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Why is Feitsui Reservoir located in New Taipei City but managed by Taipei City Government?

In the 1970’s, the Taipei metropolis suffered water shortages and the effective solution was to build a reservoir. Therefore, the Executive Yuan approved the construction and the reservoir was completed in June, 1987; most of the construction cost was raised and paid for by Taipei City Government. Therefore, Feitsui Reservoir’s management is supervised by Taipei City Government. Feitsui Reservoir and Nanshih Creek both share an important task of supplying public water to all of Taipei City and parts of New Taipei City. With the second phase regional water supply improvement plan in progress, soon Feitsui Reservoir will provide water service to roughly 6.3 million residents living in Taipei and New Taipei City. By then, 54% of Feitsui Reservoir water will be delivered to New Taipei City, while Taipei City shares 46% of its water.