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Organization Structure


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A. Development Division  
  1. Policies planning and promotion of technology industry
  2. Revisions and augmentations of law and regulation for technology
  3. Consultancy service of technology industry
  4. Promotion plan of biotech industry
  5. Promotion plan of academia-industry cooperation
  6. Loan application and financial consulting services
B. Service Team  
  1. Providing comprehensive services and coordination for technology
  2. Economic matters concerning foreign affairs
  3. Attracting inward investment for technology parks
  4. Providing cooperation plan between academia, government, and industry
  5. Guidance and administration of technology parks
  6. Loan application and financial consulting services
C. Small and Medium Enterprise Service Center  
  1. Providing consulting service for operation and management
  2. Providing consulting service for creating a new business
  3. Providing diagnostic service of financing
  4. Providing assistance to apply soft loan
  5. Providing talents' training programs