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Datong District Office, Taipei City

Policies & Prospects:
Combing with local commercial circles to continuously and actively develop the traditional art & cultural activities and events, hoping to create an excellent living place for local residents
Enhancing our services and building an excellent and comfortable environment
Organization and Duties
(1) Civil Affairs Section: 
   ◎ Self-governing administration
   ◎ Elections
   ◎ Sanitation
   ◎ Education
   ◎ Civil defense
   ◎ Disaster prevention and rescue
   ◎ Other civil affairs
(2)Social Affairs Section:
   ◎ Social welfare
   ◎ Social relief
   ◎ Community development
   ◎ Other social affairs
   ◎ Affairs related to categories I, V, and VI of the National Health Insurance. (Categories I means chiefs of Boroughs and Neighborhoods, V means low-income households, and VI means veterans, household representatives of survivors of veterans and other groups)
(3) Economic Affairs Section:
   ◎ Land
   ◎ Industry
   ◎ Business
   ◎ Agriculture
   ◎ Public constructions
   ◎ Other local infrastructure and economic affairs
(4) Military Affairs Section:
   ◎ Military administration
   ◎ Conscription
   ◎ Substitute servicemen service drafted
   ◎ Military services
   ◎ The reserves management
   ◎ Substitute conscript reserve service management
   ◎ Other military affairs
(5) Community and Cultural Services Section:
   ◎ Population policy
   ◎ New immigrant guidance and assistance
   ◎ Religion
   ◎ Manners
   ◎ Culture activities
   ◎ Other community and cultural services
(6) Administration Office:
   ◎ Document affairs
   ◎ General affairs
   ◎ Conferences
   ◎ Cashier
   ◎ Research development and evaluation
   ◎ Information technology
   ◎ Law affairs
   ◎ Public relationship
   ◎ Affairs not belonging to any other section