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The institution’s main duties: The office’s organizational rules and its table of organization are approved and amended according to the Letter (No. 0932328246, Name Four, Assessment Examination Law) issued by the Examination Yuan on Mar. 22, 2004. It is responsible for Taipei City’s sanitary sewers, sewage treatment plants, and the construction of organizing, designing and building pumping stations, etc.


Delaminated internal business: In the office, we have one Director, who receives orders from the Chief of Public Works Department, Taipei City Government to handle the affairs in the office comprehensively and commands and supervises the subordinates. We have two Deputy Directors, one Chief Engineer, one Chief Secretary, three Vice Chief Engineers who assist in handling the office’s affairs, with 6 affiliated sections (Planning and Design Section, Public Works Section, Operation Management Section, Facilities Management Section, Maintenance Section, Quality Control and Occupational Safety Section), 3 plants (Bali Sewage Treatment Plant, Dihua Sewage Treatment Plant, and Neihu Sewage Treatment Plant), and 5 offices (Systems Administration Section, Administrative Services Office, Accounting Office, Personnel Office, and Government Ethics Office); The following is a chart of the organizational structure.:

structure png of OrganizationsSystems Administrator SectorAdministrative Services OfficePersonnel OfficeGovernment Ethics OfficeAccounting OfficeChief SecretaryDirector Deputy DirectorChief EngineerDeputy Chief EngineerBali Sewage Treatment PlantNeihu Sewage Treatment PlantDihua Sewage Treatment PlantMaintenance Sectionfacilities Management SectionQuality Control and Occupational Safety SectionOperation Management SectionPublic Works SectionPlanning and Design Section

We are in charge of planning, designing, constructing, operating, managing, and maintaining the Taipei Sewerage System, The whole Framework of Sewage systems office are as below:


Planning of the sewage piping system; draft of a preliminary program; planning, expropriation, and compensation of construction lands; survey and collection of information for one project; engineering design; review.


Tel: (02) 2597-3183 Ext. 682


Purchase, construction, estimation & valuation, acceptance, project direction, joint inspection, coordination, etc. for the sewage piping system.


Tel: (02) 2597-3183 Ext. 200


Running & management program; financial program; investigation of laws; dissemination and review for sewers connected to residences; sewage charge; quality control of wastewater or sewage; use management and evaluation of the sewage piping system..


Tel: (02) 2597-3183 Ext. 100


Project assessment, material inspection, control of an investigation & assessment project, and direction assessment; training, dissemination, and management of a labor safety & sanitary program for the sewage piping system.


Tel: (02) 2596-1696


Operation, service, and cleaning of Taipei City’s sewage piping system, and management & maintenance with respect to materials and equipment inside sewer networks.


Tel: (02) 2596-8603


Maintenance of sewers inside the sewage piping system along the Danshui River (facilities collectively invested by Taipei City, Taipei County, and Keelung City), operation & clean of pumping stations and sewage interception stations, control of a project’s data, reparation and maintenance of relevant facilities and machinery, etc.


Tel: (02) 2597-3183Ext. 785


Operation, maintenance, and management of facilities; inspection, analyses, and statistics report of water quality; waste cleaning; management of night soil dumping stations; and management of the recreational sports park and heated swimming pool in the Dihua Sewage Treatment Plant..


Tel: (02) 2596-9616


Operation, maintenance, and management of facilities & ocean outfall pipes; inspection, analysis, and statistics report of water quality in the Bali Sewage Treatment Plant.


Tel: (02) 2619-1993


Operation, maintenance, and management of facilities; inspection, analysis, and statistics report of water quality in the Neihu Sewage Treatment Plant.


Tel: (02) 8791-9494


Setup of information systems, data analysis, program design, and IT management of the Sewerage Systems Office.


Tel: (02) 2597-3183 Ext. 219


Archive, investigation & assessment, general affair, asset management, appropriation, check & custody of official seals, and miscellaneous affairs of the Sewerage Systems Office.


Tel: (02) 2595-2578


Revenue, accounting and statistics.


Tel: (02) 2597-3183 Ext. 510


Personnel affairs.


Tel: (02) 2597-3183 Ext. 520


Affairs about government ethics.


Tel: (02) 2596-7960