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Taipei City Goverment


Nangang District Office

Director's Profile

Director Wang Hsien-Li

Name: Wang Hsien-Li
Date of Birth: May 8, 1957
mail: ng_10@mail.taipei.gov.tw
On Board Date: Oct. 2th, 2012

Organization and Services

1. Civil Affairs Section In charge of autonomic administration, election, health care, Li & Lin administration, civil education, Disaster Response, enviromantal affair, compulsory education, civil defence and other civil affairs
2. Social Affairs Section In charge of social welfare, social succor, disaster emergency , community developement, other social affairs and National Health Insurance regarding affairs
3. Economic Affairs Section In charge of public works as land administration, argriculture, business, touring, lane and alleyway, neighborhood park administration and maintenance
4. Military Service Section In charge of compulsory military service administration, national grard training, conscription, military shift service, reserve soldiers administration and other military service affairs
5. Community and Culture Service Section In charge of population policy advocacy and immigrant counseling, culture and arts, community cuuture and art activities, religion etiquette, celebration activities, monuments and literature, touring and other culture affairs
6. Administrative Office In charge of documentation, official seal, general service affairs, meeting, cashier, research and evaluation, information, regulation, public relationship and and non-section affairs