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After the roads are developed at the owners’ expenses, who will take over the maintenance works therefor and what are right rights and interests of private and’s owner?

Regarding the development of urban roads in public lands of Taipei City at the one’s own expenses, it is a must to, upon the completion of construction, report to the New Construction Office to conduct an approval survey together with Parks and Street Lights Office, Hydraulic Engineering Office, Traffic Engineering Office and Department of Environmental Protection before New Construction Office taking the site over for the following management and maintenance works. Where the construction is related to private lands, it shall be managed and handled by the Construction Management Office in accordance with “Regulations Governing the Application of Construction License for Construction Site Access Roads of Unfinished Public Facilities of Taipei City” and, upon completion of the construction, the road facilities shall still be managed and maintained by Taipei City Government relevant units. Besides, the Construction Management Office shall demand the builder to declare that, if the completed roads must be redeveloped due to public uses or construction of public facilities by the government, it will not request to make compensation thereof. The Letter of Declaration shall be submitted to the Construction Management Office and be preserved with the construction license. If there is any question, please contact the Planning and Design Section of New Construction Office (TEL: 1999, (or 02-27208889 for areas outside the Taipei City) Ext. 7958) for detailed explanations.