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What is the budget of Taipei Municipal Government (TMG) for this fiscal year (FY)?

1. The FY2017 general budget for TMG consists of NT$160.86 billion in revenues and NT$165.76 billion in expenditure, showing a deficit of NT$4.90 billion. In addition to the debt repayment of NT$8.6 billion, there is a financial adjustment of NT$13.50 billion in total. All of them will be covered by using the budget surpluses from previous fiscal years.

2. The FY2017 subordinate agency budget and consolidated tables of the general budget for TMG (including the funds for Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation, Taipei City Hospital, Taipei Municipal Schools, etc.) consists of NT$237.77 billion in revenue and NT$226.69 billion in expenditure, showing a surplus of NT$11.08 billion.

3. The special budget of TMG consists of the revenue and expenditure from the construction of Taipei Mass Rapid Transit.