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Qing Dynasty Taiwan Provincial Administration Hall

Plunked down in the Taipei Botanical Garden is the Qing Dynasty Taiwan Provincial Administration Hall, the only yamen, or official imperial govt. office, left in Taiwan. Taiwan was established as a province of China in 1885, and among other functions, this served as the treasury handling money matters, military pay, etc.—the Qing government in miniature. It also served as the residential quarters for central govt. officials on inspection visits to Taiwan. After serving the Qing, the structure has also been a witness to the Japanese and Republican eras.

This building was, in fact, the centerpiece of a large complex housing the provincial government's administrative machinery. Nothing else survives today (it is estimated it represents just 1/32 of the original complex). What remains is the main hall and parts of the two wings of the yamen, in good condition, a rare and precious example of the south Fujian architectural style. After more than two years of renovation work and the addition of illustrated information boards, multimedia facilities, and scale models, the building was opened to the public in May. The roof features a single ridge with the classic south China swallowtail design. The overall architectural look is simple and solemn. Inside you can peruse displays that give you a whirlwind tour of Taiwan's past, on themes such as“History and Architectural Features”,“Renovation of the Heritage Site”, and“An Archaeological Exploration of Taipei Botanical Garden”.

Qing Dynasty Taiwan Provincial Administration Hall At the Qing Dynasty Taiwan Provincial Administration Hall, the main hall and wing sections remain in good condition. Illustrated information boards and multimedia facilities provide valuable background on the site's history. Theme displays inside bring visitors invaluable insight on Taiwan's historical progression.

The Museum Bu-Cheng-Shih-Sz Yamen
(Qing Dynasty Taiwan Provincial Administration Hall)

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