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2016 Taipei Children’s Arts Festival

2016 Taipei Children’s Arts FestivalCelebrating all the arts that speak to the youthful hearts for the 17th year, the Taipei Children’s Arts Festival (TCAF) features 28 international and domestic theater troupes participating and over a hundred performances. With “Under Design- Live” as the theme this year, the organizer aims to convey the spirit that “creativity is under construction and imagination will soar as if in a live performance.”
Echoing the theme this year are three main shows that focus on participatory and improvisational performance and individualized experience for audiences.

“One and Only” (木頭會說話) co-produced by TCAF and Tainaner Ensemble (台南人劇團) in which actors and hand-crafted wood installation art works will interact with audiences individually, making the interactive experience unique for every audience. “Love That Dog” by Dutch troupe TheatergroepKwatta traces the journey of a young boy as he masters the magic power of words.

“Love That Dog” by Dutch troupe TheatergroepKwattaInteractive installation and performance “I Think I Can” by Australian troupe Terrapin Puppet Theatre features a miniature model city with train station and commuters that allow child audiences to choose their own characters to interact with each other and develop the storyline.
TCAF’s self-branding (co-produced with SocìetasRaffaelloSanzio) blockbuster show “Buchettino” (拇指小英雄) will run for the fifth year with a total of 30 shows. Radio show drama meets eye-opening sound effects in this highly acclaimed crowd pleaser. Five other international shows will take to the stage to demonstrate that creativity knows no national border.

“Giant footprints” by National Taiwan College of Performing Arts“Carnival of the Animals” by Australian troupe C!RCA sees a circus group going through adventure through the land to the sea. “Bake!” by Irish actor Paul Curley is a one-man comedy show in which he portrays a chef baking a cake for a prince in hilarious chaos. “A Mano” by Spanish troupe El Patio Teatro uses clay figure to narrate a heart-warming story about love and friendship. “Nipt” by Belgium troupe Laika Theatre Company depicts a man and a woman who argue and flirt with each other inside a cramped, cell-like apartment room.
Three more Taiwanese domestic shows make their premier this year.

“PalisiaTongkuSaveq” (東谷沙飛傳奇) by Shiny Shoes Children’s Theater (鞋子兒童劇團) tells an aboriginal fantasy tale in which children climb Taiwan’s highest mountain to battle the evil. “A Boy And His Whale” (白鯨記) by New Visions New Voices Theatre Company (影響新劇場) revisits the classic novel Moby Dick to deliver Taiwan’s unique perspective of ocean epic. “Giant footprints” (巨人的腳印) by National Taiwan College of Performing Arts (國立臺灣戲曲學院) traces a child’s journey to confront the mother who deserted him and learn to make peace with the nature in a hybrid fairy tale opera performance.
Two international troupes offer free shows this year.

“Piccolo Camerino” by Spanish actor Adrián Conde“Piccolo Camerino” by Spanish actor Adrián Conde is a one-man show about a clown who arrives at the stage too late and must change costumes in front of the audiences. “Nuova BarberiaCarloni” by Italian troupe TeatroNecessario depicts three barbers who sing, prepare drinks, and dispense counseling service in addition to cutting hair.
Interactive installation exhibition “Aquatic Life” by Spanish artist Ferroluar features machine-powered aquatic organisms that can interact with audiences. In addition, there are four free outdoor performances and 10 free community performances. Taiwan residents are encouraged to bring their children for a summer filled with imagination.