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2019 Taipei Night Market Festival: Top 10 Must-have Delicacies Announced

2019 Taipei Night Market Festival propaganda

The 2019 Taipei Night Market Festival will take place at various night markets across the city up through December 15!

The renowned snack food of Taipei’s night markets commands high reputation on the international stage. Not only do locals love the variety of selection, but tourists also love the great taste offered by the small stalls operating at night. The event also enjoys high popularity on the Internet. This year, the organizers also held a vote to determine the Top 10 must-have delicacies which were unveiled during the press conference. The winners of a raffle with a grand prize of iPhone 11 Pro was also determined.

Deputy Director Wang Chao-hua of Taipei City’s Market Administration Office also attended the opening ceremony of the 2019 Taipei Night Market Festival to unveil the Top Ten Must-eats among night market delicacies. The winners of the Top Ten Must-eats include the stinky tofu of Ningxia Night Market Borough Chief Stinky Tofu; the grilled squid of Youyu Wang; the oyster omelet of Ezihjian, the Korean rice of Gaoli Caifan; the great tasting steak of Guangzhou Street Night Market’s Bangka Steakhouse; the pork nugget soup at Huaxi Night Market’s Dading Pork Nuggets; the fried steam buns of Nanjichang Night Market’s Master Yu’s Shanghai Fried Steam Buns; the chicken rice of Shannei Chicken Rice; Linjiang Night Market’s fabulous oyster omelet, fried steam buns, and more.

The 2019 Taipei Night Market Festival will invite various rock bands to perform at the Rock Ningxia Concert at Ningxia Night Market on November 16. Meanwhile, on November 23, online celebrity IKU invites everyone to come to Yansan Night Market to enjoy games and explore the stalls. On the day of the event, visitors have chances of acquiring surprise scratch cards. With these cards, visitor can expect a maximum of NT$50 discount when they purchase food or merchandise at participating night markets (Linjiang, Yansan, Huaxi, Guangzhou, Ningxia, and Nanjichang night markets). Only a limited number of these scratch cards are available, so pick them up while supplies last!

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