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2018 Taipei Camellia Show: Celebrating the Beauty of Camellia

2018 Taipei Camellia Show: Celebrating the Beauty of CamelliaThe Taipei Camellia Show will take place at the Taipei Floriculture Experiment Center on Yangmingshan starting January 19.
The ten-day-long expo will feature a variety of camellia flowers, which is currently entering the blooming season – with the exception of camellia sasanqua and other “early spring” bloomers.
According to Parks and Street Lights Office (PSLO) Director Huang Li-yuan, the Floriculture Experiment Center boasts a collection consisting of over 500 species of camellia. The facility is arguably the largest facility in Taiwan which raises the plant.
In addition to dedicated areas such as Camellia Sasanqua Zone, Azalea Camellia Zone, and Camellia Wooden Walkway, the center has also made plans for an “Aromatic Camellia” zone this year. Spotlighting varieties such as camellia “High Fragrance,” camellia “Hime,” and camellia “Sweet Emily Kate,” visitors will understand why the delightful fragrance is highlighted in the naming of the zone.
Furthermore, visitors will also find other kinds of flowers on display across the facility’s parameters, such as tulips, garden hyacinth, narcissus, and other seasonal plants.    
Director Sung of Taipei Floriculture Experiment Center noted that the theme of the camellia exhibition this year highlights classical beauties of both the East and the West. On the day of the opening, the organizers invited artists to perform Chinese zither, demonstrate calligraphy writing, and paint images of flowers. In the afternoon, there will be quiz activities for visitors. Furthermore, free camellia-themed bookmarks will be given away on a daily basis.
Between January 22 and 26, individuals who visit the “臺北新花漾粉絲團” fan page on facebook to complete check-in and sharing will have a chance to receive free souvenirs! Furthermore, the sponsor Taipei Wedding Photography Association offers six sets of photo shoots package – each comprising six photos – as prizes for the raffle!
On the Saturdays of January 20 and 27, the center offers free lectures on cultivating camellias. For floral enthusiasts, they can turn in any 5 uniform invoice slips (or 2 uniform invoice slips issued by merchants or stores in Shanzhaiho) in exchange for a camellia sapling. The invoices will be donated to charity.  
For more information, please contact the center (TEL: 02-2861-6361 or 02-2861-2247). Details are also available on the Chinese websites of PSLO, parks.taipei, or 臺北新花漾粉絲團 fan page.
Photo Credit: 臺北新花漾粉絲團fan page

A close look at the showcased camelliaThe ten-day-long expo features a variety of camellia flowers.