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Smart Taipei, Dreams of Technology: Taipei Pavilion at the 2017 IT Month

Smart Taipei, Dreams of Technology: Taipei Pavilion at the 2017 IT MonthTaipei Pavilion at the 2017 IT Month
Venue: Taipei World Trade Center Hall 1
Dates: Dec. 6 – 11, 2017

Taipei City Government is setting up shop at the 2017 IT Month this year! The topic for the City’s showcase this year will be “Smart Taipei, Dreams of Technology.”

Highlighting the city government’s effort in continued innovation and establishing living labs for partners to conduct POCs, as well as implementation of numerous smart city projects, Taipei Pavilion seeks to inform residents on how innovative technology is helping them realize a lifestyle emphasizing convenience and efficiency.

The exhibition is arranged in a way that allows visitors to better understand what the city government has achieved in providing comprehensive city services through two zones: “Smart Services” and “Hands-on City Affairs.”

Smart Services Zone
The smart services offered by the city government are not restricted to changes in the infrastructure. It adopts an approach involving better understanding of citizens’ needs and applications of technologies such as Internet, IoT, and mobile devices to satisfy the advance needs of residents.

Pay.taipei: The ambitious project of the city government in establishing a comprehensive way to pay for collecting city services fees. The service has been recognized by the 2017 100 IT Innovative Elite Award.

Taipei Smart City Project Management Office: The PMO plays an important role as a platform for assisting collaboration between the city government and the private sector. It seeks to offer solutions to various challenges confronting citizens through the application of the latest technologies. Some new gadgets showcases at the pavilion include smart trashcan – a device which seeks to create a friendlier environment for waste recycling. 

Hands-on City Affairs Zone: Taipei City Government seeks to create better life for its citizens by adopting innovation and advances in technologies. Through hands-on experience and related interactions made possible by technology knowhow, the exhibition seeks to educate visitors on the scope and depth of Taipei’s city affairs to herald in the age of smart cities.

VR City Tours: Come and visit the virtual city tours that have captured the imagination of citizens. There will be 8 stalls offering VR tour experience for visitors at the booth to explore, including notable sites such as Beitou Hot Spring Museum, Zhongshan Hall, Beitou Old Railway Station, Grass Mountain Mansion, and more!

Free Classes: The Department of Information Technology has organized a series of digital learning programs for the public, creating the “Digital Hope” Vessel to offer members of local communities a chance to take-in knowledge on topics related to technologies and customize their learning experience.

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