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2018 Taipei Night Market Festival

Mayor Ko Wen-je and celebrity Wu FengThe 2018 Taipei Night Market Festival will take place between July 19 and August 10. With spotlights on local food and entrees, the festival combines online and on site activities to invite everyone to discover delicious food at Taipei’s famed night markets.
The participants of this year’s festival include the following: Ningxia Night Market, Yansan Night Market, Liaoning Street Night Market, Huaxi Street Night Market, Linjiang Street Night Market, and Guangzhou Street Night Market. With the addition of live streaming via the Facebook fan page of the Department of Economic Development (DED), the city government seeks to raise the profiles of these great destinations for gourmets.
The opening press conference took place at the first floor lobby of city hall, with Mayor Ko Wen-je and celebrity Wu Feng taking a short tour of the stalls set up by vendors from participating markets. The two even took to the stage to prepare tofu pudding – an entrée ranked as one of the top ten night market food last year.
According to the mayor, in addition to stopping by Taipei 101, many foreign tourists visit Taiwan to experience the night markets. To help these visitors deciding what to taste among the myriad of dishes available, the festival will hold an online vote to determine the top ten night market cuisines for 2018. Netizens are welcomed to make their choices from a pool of 30 snacks, making those snakes known to the global audience.

Taipei Night Market Festival
Online Voting for Top Ten Night Market Snacks and Raffle
Members of the public are welcome to participate in the online voting held on the Facebook fan page of the DED. Participants have choices such as fried chicken fillet, salty-n-crispy chicken, pearl milk tea, oyster omelet, stinky tofu, Intestine vermicelli, papaya milk, mango shaved ice, Taiwanese layered sausage with sticky rice, sweet potato balls, and more. The deadline of the voting is August 9.
Lucky participants will have a chance of bringing home prizes including LCD television, IPAD, smart phones, meals at Michelin-star restaurants, and night market vouchers (NT$1000, NT$2000, or NT$3000).
Shop with E-payment for Added Convenience
In the interest of promoting e-payment, the city government encourages night market vendors to adopt e-payment to allow shoppers the added convenience of paying simply by “beeping” their EasyCard.
Also, to ensure the safety of food ingredients and what customers eat, the city government has implemented several measures to strengthen this aspect. Shoppers can simply scan the QR Code posted at the stalls to acquire a complete ingredient record.
Likewise, in compliance with city policy on banning melamine and disposable utensils, Ningxia Market has adopted the use of reusable utensils. City hall seeks to promote the policy to other night markets as well.
Chances to Try Night Market Food for Free
Night Market Snacks and RaffleIn addition to online voting to determine the top ten night market foods, visitors at the night market can also try finding the floor standups of the Night Market Festival. Take a photo with the standing sign and upload it to the Facebook fan page for a chance to win night market vouchers, as well as other prizes!
In addition, the organizer is also holding activities such as “You hungry? Yes or No – Share your Night Market Story” and “YES Night Market Map.” Please visit the FaceBook fan page of DED to find out more.
A Joint Session of Great Food and Beautiful Music
With the conclusion of the Taipei Night Market Festival on August 10, the organizer will invite well-known bands and performance groups to stage a performance for the public. Also, the results of the online vote for top 10 night market delicacies will also be announced and the list of winners published.