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Feasting in Taipei--Nostalgic Delicacies

Feasting in Taipei--Nostalgic DelicaciesWanhua was formerly known as Bangka. It was the cradle of Taipei, and also the most prosperous commercial circle of Northern Taiwan in the early years. Beitou was the cradle of hot springs in Taiwan. The two historic areas both have an abundance of traditional delicacies, sold in stores which have decades of history, and are snack hot spots which tourists must visit.

Caiyuanyi Black Tea: Black Tea
Having sold black tea at Beitou Market since 1966, Caiyuanyi Black Tea is the oldest beverage store in the market. The old-time black teas were created by the store’s owner, relying on his own experience to constantly adjust the ratios of tea leaves, and finally a cup of black tea with a sweet aftertaste was made. When tourists come here, tired, they can drink a cup, sure to refresh and quench thirst. Add: 15, Xinshi St., Taipei City Tel: (02)2891-0602 (Closed on Monday)

Tien Shun Chinese Herbal Medicine Shop: Chinese herbal tea
Chinese herbal tea is made from many different types of herbs. The sweet and delicious aroma assails the nose, and a health-preserving secret recipe passed down from the ancestors. The Tien Shun Chinese Herbal Medicine Shop was founded for 22 years. It sells all kinds of herbs, scented teas, and regimen medicines. When you come here, you must taste the genuine and unique Chinese herbal tea served here. Add: 199, Guangzhou St., Taipei City Tel: (02)2336-3991

Penglai Restaurant: Fried Pork Ribs
Penglai Restaurant was founded in 1972 during the heyday of Beitou’s hot springs. The restaurant’s most famous dish, fried pork ribs, has attracted many epicureans. The pork ribs are made from premium pork stomach and ribs, marinated with special ingredients, and fried until the outer skin is of golden color and crispy. Their aroma assails the nose. When you bite the pork ribs, the meat is so succulent and tender that you will not be able to stop! Add: 238, Zhonghe St.,Taipei City Tel: (02)2891-2778

Taihe Traditional Biscuit: Original Baked Cheese
Founded in 1946, Taihe Traditional Biscuit used to be a preserved fruit retailer, and then later became a traditional bakery shop. It is known for yolk pastries, green bean paste cakes, and pineapple cakes. It is also known for its “Original Taste Baked Cheese.” Using sweet cookies as a base, after baking, the surface of the cheese is of golden color and crispy. The aroma of milk is strong, and the inner layer is fine and delicate. Add: 300, Kangding Rd., Taipei City Tel: (02)2306-9629

Penglai RestaurantTaihe Traditional Biscuit

Zushi Temple Pork Rib King: Pork rib soup
Pork Rib King, near Zushi Temple, was founded in 1947. It is now 68 years old. Premium pork ribs and radishes are boiled until they become milky white, mixing the essence of pork ribs with the sweetness of the radishes. The taste is fresh and sweet. The pork ribs with bones are soft and tender, which makes people want to eat one more bowl. Add : 120, Sec. 2, Guiyang St., Taipei City Tel : (02)2331-1790 (Closed on Thursday)

Xinfu Market: Ah Po Glutinous Oil Rice
Ah Po Glutinous Oil Rice is situated in Xinfu Market and has not changed the traditional taste of its signature dish. Stewed mushrooms, dried shrimp, crispy lard oil and shallots are fried with glutinous rice and pork, then finally steamed, creating glutinous oil rice. It is one of Xinfu Market’s most famous delicacies. The more you chew the glutinous oil rice, the more aromatic it becomes. People simply can’t get enough of the savory yet sweet flavor of the stewed mushrooms. Add: 70, Sanshui St., Taipei City (Nearby Xinfu Market’s the 18th stand) Tel: 0910-032-372 (Closed on Monday)

36Tangyuan Shop: Steamed taro cakes and grass cakes
The 36 Tangyuan Shop is near Longshan Temple. They are famous for their red turtle cakes, made with red bean paste. They are made fresh each day, soft, tender, and very delicious. In addition, there are grass cakes made of mugwort. Their skin is aromatic and their stuffing rich. During winter, come for a piping-hot bowl of Tangyuan soup, red bean soup, or peanut soup with fried bread sticks. This is the taste that is well-liked by old Taipei people. Add : 92, Sanshui St., Taipei City Tel : (02)2306-3765

Source: Fun Taipei

Zushi Temple Pork Rib King 36Tangyuan Shop