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Taipei Zoo will be Closed form 19th to 28th June 2019 not open to visitors.

Taipei Zoo will be Closed form 19th to 28th June 2019 not open to visitors.
Taipei Zoo Closed: June 19 – June 28
Taipei Zoo will close its doors to the public for a period of 10 days between Wednesday, June 19 and Friday, June 28. Visitors planning to stop by the zoos should take the closed dates into account and plan their trips accordingly.

Having relocated to its new home in Muzha area for over three decades, Taipei Zoo used to follow the schedule of closing only on Chinese New Year’s Eve. During these years, to perform necessary maintenance and upkeep, the various exhibition halls take turns closing on different Mondays during each month (the closing date adjusts accordingly to the first work day if the Monday is part of a long holiday or weekend). Given such a tight schedule, the zoo management can only find ways to make room for works and renovations if the need arises by coordinating work time and space to periods that won’t impact visiting hours. Such adjustments often lead to extended work periods and extra costs, as well as lengthen the disruption on the animals living in the affected area.

After researching how zoos in other countries approach the issue of performing maintenance and upkeep of zoo facilities, Taipei Zoo worked with the city government to realize the principle of Open Government, Public Participation to set forth a vote on the i-Voting Platform to decide whether the public supports the zoo in extending closed dates for this maintenance purposes. The results of the vote indicated 98-percent of the participants are in support of the idea. Therefore, the zoo decided to add the additional closed dates in 2019 for the first time.

However, to minimize the impact on zoo-goers, the zoo management decided to reduce the planned off-dates from 12 days to 10 days. In 2019, the zoo will be closed on Chinese New Year’s Eve and from June 19 through 28.

During the 10-day-long closed period, Taipei Zoo will carry out maintenance work for areas across its parameters. It hopes to implement efficient maintenance work schedule and maximize the time to complete overall environment inspections and facility upkeep. Hopefully, the project will strengthen the quality and comfort of the zoo’s environment for visitors while reducing the period of discomfort for the animals caused by related works. Taipei Zoo apologizes for the inconvenience of the close dates upon visitors.