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Neihu Countryside Berry Picking Tour

Neihu Countryside Berry Picking TourSpring is here, and strawberries are turning red. At the cluster of leisure farms in Neihu’s Dahu and Baishihu communities and along Bishan Road, December through May is strawberry season. Each plum, sweetening piece of fruit hangs like a bright-red lantern. It is time to enjoy flowers and pick berries. With guidance from the Taipei City Government, in recent years Baishihu has become a prime Taipei outdoor leisure and recreation destination. Baishihu Suspension Bridge and other nearby attractions nicely complement the berry-picking fun.

Neihu District Tourist Strawberry Farms
Neihu’s tourist strawberry farms are spread out along Dahu Street and Bishan Road. Most Neihu strawberries are grown organically in greenhouses, using no insecticides or pesticides. The production period lasts (approximately) from December through May: a great time for rustic fruit-picking. Location: Neihu District, area along Dahu St. and Bishan Rd. Tel: (02)2790-7263 (Neihu District Farmers’ Association) Transportation: Take Exit 1 at MRT Line 1 (Wenhu Line) Neihu Station, walk to bus stop across next to 452, Sec. 2, Neihu Rd. (Yentou Earth God Temple), and take bus S2. Alternatively transfer to bus S3 at MRT Dahu Park Station (no marked stops in mountain area; flag buses down anywhere on the route). Taipei Recreational Agriculture website: www.recreational-agriculture.taipei (Chinese)

S.Garden Tel: (02)2790-2492, 0937-458-986
Martin Organic Farms Tel: (02)2790-2706, 0975-638-765
Neihu Strawberry Farm Tel: (02)2796-0876, 0938-536-669

※Opening hours varies for each strawberry farm; it’s recommended to dial ahead for confirmation.

strawberry farm

Baishihu Suspension BridgeBaishihu Suspension Bridge
Rather than the towering ones commonly found at suspension bridges, this bridge features a straight abutment, helping it to blend perfectly with the lovely surrounding farmland scenery, and giving it a cable-less “invisible” style. At the other end of the bridge is Baishihu Community, featuring the 100-meter Chunqiu Trail. Traverse the trail to enjoy the meticulously cultivated, professionally engineered path and the rich local rural character.

Add: 24, Bishan Rd., Taipei City

strawberry treats; a cypress chairFarmhouse Café Trattoria
Operated by a local farmer, the menu here contains much ingenuity and imagination. Fresh seasonal vegetables are stir-fried with olive oil, and every bite is filled with natural flavor. The strawberry treats feature home-grown fruit which is free of pesticides. Be sure to try the delicious strawberry muffins and strawberry au lait.

Add: 38, Bishan Rd., Taipei City Tel: (02)2793-5448

Woodcraft Workshop
This workshop, a showcase of Master Huang Guo-tai’s 40 years of experience in woodworking arts, will please travelers with an interest in handicrafts and wood products. Mr. Huang uses natural Taiwan cypress to craft furniture items that are all works of art, and shares his story with visitors.

Add: 14, Bishan Rd., Taipei City Tel: (02)2791-3623

Yuanjue Temple
Built in 1924, this temple’s main deities are the Sakyamuni Buddha, Guanyin, Kshitigarbha, and other Buddhist holy figures. The atmosphere is solemn, simple, and sober. Beside the temple is the head of the Yuanjue Temple Trail, which leads down the mountain and offers a pleasant walk. This trail connects with the Liyushan (Mt. Carp) Trail to form a loop, mesmerizing walkers with gurgling streams and through rich greenery.

Add: 39, Bishan Rd., Taipei City Tel: (02)2790-9868

Bishanyan Kaizhang Shengwang Temple
The original structure was built in 1814, and originally enshrined only three “god stones.” Steadily expanded over the years, today it is a far larger, more majestic temple complex. Its lofty mountainside position affords a magnificent view over the Taipei Basin, notably Taipei 101, the Grand Hotel, Songshan Airport, and other major city landmarks. The meandering Tamsui River, Liyushan (Mt. Carp), and other prominent natural features complete the grand scenery. This is also a prime site for watching Taipei’s spectacular New Year’s Eve fireworks show.

Add: 24, Bishan Rd., Taipei City Tel: (02)2790-0657

Dahu ParkDahu Park
Because of egrets, wild ducks, and other waterfowl that gather at 10-hectare Dahu, or “Big Lake,” it is also called “Egret Lake.” The lovely shape of the elegant Jindai Bridge attracts eyes, and the lake’s calm surface is like a mirror, which reflects the bridge, clouds, sky, and trees. This poetic scene attracts many photographers. The lush foliage, zigzagging bridge of nine turns (reaching over the lake to a picturesque pavilion), and lakeside Bailusi (White Egret) Mountain seem to gaze across the water at each other, which create a vivid, harmonious tableau.

Add: 31, Sec. 5, Chenggong Rd., Taipei City Tel: (02)2585-1430

Bishan Campground
As mountain area is less affected by light pollution, Bishan Campground is a favorite location for stargazing in Taipei. Framed by mountains and hills, the nightscapes are lovely, with views of Shilin, Beitou and Mt. Guanyin. Hikers and bike-riders often take the Jinlong Industrial Road to this fine LOHAS spot of splendid scenery, which is also a pleasant spot for exercise.

Add: 26-7, Bishan Rd., Taipei City Tel: (02)2794-9435

Dagouxi Ecology and Water-Control Park; Bihu ParkDagouxi Ecology and Water-Control Park
Located at the end of Dahu Shanzhuang Street, the original watercourse of the Dagouxi (Dagou Stream) has been preserved. In addition, an artificial wetlands habitat has been created and other measures are taken to build wateraccessible spaces. Walk along the steps of the Dahu Shanzhuang Ladder Trail, you can have a great view of lovely 4000m² sea of flowers. The waterside trail offers a new canvas each season. You can enjoy spotting insects of all sorts, white egrets, Taiwan blue magpies, and many other species.

Location: End of Dahu Shanzhuang St., Taipei City

Bihu Park
The lake in Bihu Park was used for agricultural irrigation in the Japanese era (1895-1945). The park, built in 1987, is a fine location to enjoy the landscaped scenery, exercising, fishing, and short hikes. There are six hill trails, dotted with rest pavilions.

Add: 175, Sec. 2, Neihu Rd., Taipei City Tel: (02)2585-1430

Neihu District Hiking TrailsNeihu District Hiking Trails
Neihu District, on Taipei’s eastern edge, has mountains on its east, west, and north sides. The hills, lakes, rivers and streams create a compelling natural tapestry. In addition to the attraction, there are the mountain trails, great draws for healthy exercise and leisurely sightseeing. The main trails are: Daluntouwei Mountain Trail, Jinmianshan Hiking Trail, Zhongyong Mountain Trail, Zhongyong Mountain Crossing Trail, Longchuanyan Trail, Liyushan Hiking Trail, Yuanjue Temple Trail, Dagouxi Waterside Trail, Bihu Trail, and Bailusi Mountain Trail. There is great variation of scenery and natural ecology among them. Travelers, come check them out!

Tel: (02)2759-3001, ext. 3222 (Geotechnical Engineering Office, Public Works Department, Taipei City Government)
Taipei City “Go Hiking” Website: www.hiking.taipei (Chinese) Source: Fun Taipei