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TRTC Announces 2015 EXIT Music Festival

TRTC Announces 2015 EXIT Music FestivalGood news for music lovers!

Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation announced the start of the 2015 Exit Music Festival on October 3! The Exit Music Festival seeks to promote music in the form of mini-concerts and easily-accessible events for commuters. The schedule of activities spanning the month of October and early November is as follows:

“For Travel” On-the-Road Performances

The “For Travel” section of the Exit Festival involves performance groups traveling to different MRT stations on the day of the event to put on a show for passengers at the respective stations.

Group Leader: Mister Mouth
Date: Saturday, October 3

Time Location (MRT Station)

Other Performers


Haishan Guitar Club of New Taipei Vocational Industrial High School

12:30 PM

1 PM Ximen TCO Academy Orchestra
1:30 PM

Zhongxiao Xinsheng

Guitar Club of National Taipei University of Technology
2 PM Zhongxiao Fuxing Harmonica Club of Huaisheng Junior High School
2:30 PM Nanjing Fuxing  
3 PM Jiannan Road  
3:30 PM Donghu  
4 PM Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center  
4:30 Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall  

Group Leader: Murmur Show
Date: Saturday, October 10

Time Location (MRT Station) Other Performers
Noon Qizhang  
12:30 PM Gongguan Cross Road
1 PM Taipower Building  
1:30 PM Yongan Market  
2 PM Dingxi Yangchunmian Choir
2:30 PM Dongmen  
3 PM Daan Park  
3:30 PM Daan  
4 PM Wanfang Hospital  
4:30 PM Taipie Zoo  

Group Leader: Suitcase
Date: Saturday, October 17

Time Location (MRT Station) Other Performers
Noon Xinzhuang Xindrum
12:30 PM Xianse Temple  
1 PM Yuanshan  
1:30 PM Shilin Students from Melody Musical Instrument House
2 PM Zhishan  
2:30 PM Shipai Concert Brand from Shipai Junior High School
3 PM Beitou Guitar Club from Zhuwei High School
3:30 PM Guandu  
4 PM Hongshulin  
4:30 PM Tamsui Band from Dengkong Elementary School


This year’s EXIT Music Festival will also feature three mini-concerts comprising pop-stars, bands, and more!

Mini-concert Schedule
Concert Title Date/Time Venue Performers
For Dream Sunday, Oct. 18 (3 PM) Jazz Plaza at Taipei Zhongshan Metro Hall Alien Huang, Landy Wen, GJ, Rosie, etc
For Life Sunday, Oct. 25 (3 PM) Plaza outside MRT Xinbeitou Station Wu Ching-hsien, Yu Ying-ying, Li Ping-hui, Xiaofang Band
For Love Sunday, Nov. 1 (3 PM) No. 12 Plaza at MRT Tamsui Station Matthew Lien and Taipei Philharmonic Orchestra Brass Quintet

2015 MRT Exit Music Fest