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2018 Dragon Boat Festival: Fun and Excitement at the Riverside

2018 Dragon Boat Festival: Fun and Excitement at the RiversideThe 2018 Taipei International Dragon Boat Festival will take place at the Dajia Riverside Park between June 16 and 18. A part of the “Cool Summer in Taipei” activities, the dragon boat race kicks off a summertime-worth of fun for Taipei City this year.
This year, the tournament has attracted at total of 224 teams from across Taiwan and abroad. Among these teams, 113 teams will compete in the large-size dragon boat category, while 111 teams signed up for the small-size dragon boat race. Roughly 6,000 athletes will compete for an accumulative prize pool worth NT$2.8 million. The event is the largest dragon boat tournament in Taiwan.
For the international teams, the organizers have invited 8 teams from abroad to compete in the tournament. The teams hail from Manila, Ulan-Ude, Matsuyama, Shanghai, Singapore, Haifa, Gold Coast, and Penang.
For kids, the organizers has arranged for three large-size dragon boats to be placed on exhibition for young kids to enjoy a feel of riding on a dragon boat. The hands-on sessions will take place on June 3, June 9, and June 10 at the Dajia Riverside Park dragon boat dock. As a general guideline, the hands-on session is available from 9 AM through 5 PM, pending actual weather and river conditions.
During the carnival between June 16 and 18, there will be a national-level, high elevation egg-standing competition, as well as a DIY lesson on how to make a wormwood flower headdress taught by an experienced floriculture instructor. There will also be various stage activities and stalls touting creative products.
For more information, please visit the official Chinese website of the 2018 Taipei International Dragon Boat Festival: http://dragonboat.taipei/