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2019 Old Building New Life Awards: Now Accepting Submissions

Exhibition period:July 8 – August 9, 2019

Old Building New Life Awards

Submissions are now being accepted for the 2019 Old Building New Life Awards! From today through August 9, the organizers are looking for projects in Taipei City which demonstrates outstanding maintenance or improvement works, as well as innovations. The total of cash prizes reach NT$450,000!

In addition to the familiar categories of “residential buildings”, “non-residential buildings,” and “community space (including open space)” featured in this year’s competition, the organizers also invited celebrities from the field of building renovations and improvements to conduct exchanges with the finalists, letting them known that there are many people who share the same passion in bringing renewed vitalities to buildings with a long history.

For the 2018 Old Building New Life Awards, the focus was on “Bringing New Life to Old Building Movement.” For the first time, the competition highlighted the relationship between residential buildings and street spaces. As a continuation of the spirit and to further explore the images of warmth, the event this year spotlights “Taipei’s Temperature.” The purpose of choosing this theme is to remind residents of Taipei City of the “warmth” among those residing in the city, which may be buried and covered by the cement buildings but can always be reclaimed.

This year’s contest highlights the “public” side of renovation projects, examining aspects such as techniques, operation, and story. The contenders will be evaluated based on their passion for their respective projects, hoping to recognize individuals with outstanding accomplishments in these areas.

According to the Urban Regeneration Office, the Old Building New Life Awards have long played the role of pioneer in upholding the importance of building preservation and maintenance. Long before the ordinance of city bylaws in urban regeneration and building maintenance, the city government has been proactive in the promotion of city building and district revitalization and renewal. Starting in 2001, the city government embarked on projects spanning building facelifts to urban space redecoration, seeking to infuse aesthetics to the exterior of dated buildings.

In 2011, the new wave of reutilizing old buildings for new purposes resulted in the rebranding of the initiative to the current award, which the city government hopes will encourage citizens to bring new life into old structures, thereby driving the rejuvenation of urban edifices.

Starting with the 2018 edition of the contest, the organizers seek to boost citizens’ awareness on living spaces and street surroundings to promote community interactions and sharing of resources, which help set the groundwork for “friendly community” and “common good” during the process of refreshing old districts.

Now in its 19th year, the contest spotlighting urban space renewal has honored over 180 projects in the field, offering the public a feel of the city’s ‘temperature’ and warmth.

The deadline for the 2019 Old Building New Life Awards is Friday, August 9. For more information, please visit the Chinese website of the competition (www.taipeiface.com) or call the 2019 Old Building New Life Awards project team (TEL: 04-2203-8086, ext. 14)