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Having a Great Time at the 2019 Yangminshan Flower Festival

Every year, the Yangmingshan Flower Festival attracts numerous visitors to enjoy the blooming landscape in the surrounding. This year, the theme of the event is “Cherry Blossom Viewing Hand-in-hand.” According to the organizer, the spotlight of the
event falls upon the beautiful blooming flowers in the mountain, inviting you to come and enjoy the sight with loved ones.

Commissioner Huang Li-yuan of the Parks and Street Lights Office (PSLO) pointed out that the event is being held from February 15 through March 17, with the opening ceremony taking place at the Flower Clock Area at Yangming Park at noon of
February 17. Performers at the opening event included the members of Tien-ku Percussion Group and students from Taipei Hwa Kang Arts School.

Furthermore, a masquerade carnival is slated for the morning of March 9,
highlighting the aspects of culture and arts. Visitors will also have a chance to attend a street dance competition of young talents and dancers.

On March 17, the last day of the Yangmingshan Flower Festival, the organizers invite the public to join hands and help clean up Yangmingshan after the month-long
spectacle of blooms. There is also a concert in the afternoon on the same day, seeking to bask participants in the soothing spring breeze.

During the flower festival period, PSLO is joining hands with cultural and historical research workshops in Beitou District to hold an exhibition on old photos and news reports about Yangming Park on the second floor of Yangmingshan Xinhai Guangfu Building. Another exhibition spotlighting the treasured art prints from the collection
of Hwa Kang Museum will also take place at the exhibition hall inside the Floriculture Experiment Center.

Chief Yang of the Center pointed out that visitors visiting Yangmingshan through March can expect to get a glimpse of blooms spanning camellia, Taiwan cherry
blossom, Yae cherry blossom, Showa cherry blossom, Yoshino cherry blossom, and rhododendron.

In addition, many stores and vendors in the vicinity are offering special deals and
packages for flower festival visitors. For a full list of event-related discounts, activities, and registrations, please visit the Chinese website of the event:

In the interest of minimizing the impact on local traffic during the flower festival, the city government will be extending traffic control hours for Yangde Boulevard
between February 15 and March 27. The traffic checkpoint for uphill traffic is located at Fuxing Bridge Crossing (Lane 1, Zhishan Road Section 2), with hours from 7 AM
through 4 PM. The checkpoint for downhill traffic, lasting from 2 PM through 6 PM, has been established at the entrance of Lane 43, Yangming Road Section 1. The organizers encourage visitors to take public bus to avoid possible traffic congestions along the way. To encourage park and ride, Fulin Underground carpark offers vehicle owners using bus transfer up to 3 hours of free parking.

Bus Information:
Weekend and Holiday Buses: 128 (MRT Shipai Station – Flower Clock – Yangmingshan Second Carpark), 129 (MRT Beitou Station – Flower Clock –
Yangmingshan Second Carpark), 111 (Xinzhuang – Yangmingshan Second Carpark)

Daily Buses: 131 (Yangmingshan Second Carpark – Flower Clock – Yangming Shuwu Mansion – Zhuzihu), 681 (Donghu – Yangmingshan Second Carpark), and R5 (MRT Jiantan Station – Yangmingshan Bus Terminal)