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2015 Guandu International Outdoor Sculpture Festival: A Tribute to Tides

2015 Guandu International Outdoor Sculpture Festival: A Tribute to TidesThe 2015 Guandu International Outdoor Sculpture Festival is taking place at the Guandu Nature Park between September 1 and December 31.

Now in its tenth year, the event features a number of impressive outdoor art pieces displayed in natural surroundings. According to the Guandu Nature Park Management Office, the spotlight of this year’s event is the wetlands of Guandu. The section of the river which is heavily influenced by tides also boasts rich bio diversity and plays a role in shaping the culture of communities in the area.

The organizers chose “A Tribute to Tides” as the theme, hoping to reawaken the memories of moving tides and invite the public to ponder upon the rich bounty provided by the river that flows through this city.

Artwork titled Tide WhispersA total of seven international artists participated in the creation of art works for this year’s event. Between September 1 and 18, five artworks were being constructed at Guandu Nature Park, one at Shezidao wetlands, and one at Shezidaotou Park. Volunteers play important roles in collecting, moving, and processing natural materials for the artwork.

Volunteers work to collect materials for the festivalTaiwanese artist Lee Kuei-chih’s “Tide Whispers” integrates wind power, motion, and wood to create a work of art reenacting the dynamics of rivers. Another local artist Kang Ya-chu, to emphasize the importance of sustainability, employs natural fabrics to create a geometric map portraying the rising and receding of tides in “Earthly Weaving Undertaking.” French artists Fiona Paterson’s “Tidal Moon” depicts the effect of the moon upon tides, as well as highlighting the importance of recycling to the environment by demonstrating how discarded plastics damage the land and water resources. There are also artists from the US, Italy, Australia, and India taking part in the creative process.

Since the inaugural event in 2006, the Guandu International Outdoor Sculpture Festival has expanded to nearby schools, communities, and hospitals in 2012. To mark the tenth year anniversary, two of the artists will reach out to the community and craft their pieces at the Shezidao wetlands and Shezidaotou Park.

For more information on the event, please visit the official website of the 2015 Guandu International Outdoor Sculpture Festival (www.gd-park.org.tw) or call (02)2858-7417.

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