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Maokong Gondola to Undergo Annual Maintenance May 14 – 28

Maokong Gondola to Undergo Annual Maintenance May 14 – 28The annual maintenance of the Maokong Gondola will be conducted from May 14 through 28.
The facility will be closed to the public during this period and reopen on May 29.
According to TRTC, the annual repair will include in-depth maintenance/repair/replacement of components such as wheel bearings, brake calipers, motors, gear boxes, and backup motors, as well as conducting necessary test runs to ensure the safety and smooth operation of the gondola system.
The announcement regarding the Maokong Gondola maintenance has been posted at bulletin boards at MRT Stations and gondola stations, as well as tickers displayed on monitors at train platforms and station broadcasts. Update is also provided on TRTC’s Facebook fan page and Taipei Metro Go app.
For more information, please call TRTC’s 24-hour customer’s hotline (TEL: 02-218-12345) or the 1999 Citizen’s Hotline. Details are also available on the company’s Chinese website (http://www.metro.taipei/).

Maokong Gondola