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Delectable Food, Warm People -- Traditional Markets Are Full of the Real Taiwanese Spirit

Delectable Food, Warm People -- Traditional Markets Are Full of the Real Taiwanese Spirit

When you walk into any traditional market, you will hear vendors shouting enthusiastically, displaying their forthright and generous spirit. Seasonal produce in the form of vegetables and fruit from all over Taiwan fills the stalls. The chicken, duck, fish and other meat products are all fresh, and you can choose whatever you like for your dinner table. You can buy any amount you want. There are rice pastries and all kinds of deli and snack items – all with that true traditional taste. Need daily supplies? Visit a traditional market and you won’t go home empty handed!

Seek out Traditional Markets and Explore the City!

Traditional markets provide everything needed for daily life; in fact, one could say they encapsulate local life in miniature. No wonder it is said that if you go to a country, the best introduction into local many varieties of vegetables and fruits on offerculture is through its markets. Traditional markets have existed as long as humans have settled in Taiwan. At first, vendors gathered naturally, without any special arrangements, and adapted to local customs as a means of developing their trade. Official plans and regulations only began in the Japanese Era. In the 1960s, the markets started to be included in urban planning, and public markets were established. This showed the important position markets had achieved in the rapid development of the economy and society.

The Local Market Revolution: Keeping Tradition while Renovating

Through ongoing renovation and rebuilding, service upgrades and creative input, Taipei City’s traditional markets are enjoying a rebirth.We all know the important place local markets hold in the lives of everyday people. They offer a place where the average person can make a living, buy or sell daily necessities, and also put things on the dining table. With the pace of modern development, the rise of tourism, and the widespread growth of warehouses and supermarkets, local markets haven’t declined but rather have taken on the responsibility of being a window into the city, displaying local styles and characteristics to visitors.

Thanks to the efforts of the Taipei City Government, traditional markets in the metropolis have entered into renovation gradually. They might still carry the moniker “traditional”, but this “common people’s economy” is not willing to rest on its laurels. A peaceful revolution is occurring all over the city. Traditional markets preserve memories of the past, as well as the spirit of humanity that existed in old neighborhoods, but they also eagerly pursue diversification and upgrading. While renovation collided with old ways, it resulted in something new and wonderful that’s waiting for people to come and enjoy it.

fresh pork meat hanging in a butcher's stallWhy not visit a Taipei traditional market today? Experience true local culture!

ArticleTu Xin-yi
Jiang You-ren