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Summer Splash at the 2015 Taipei Water Festival

Summer Splash at the 2015 Taipei Water FestivalThe 2015 Taipei Water Festival is off to a heated start! Taking place between June 27 and August 30!

This year’s event spotlights the existing facilities of Taipei Water Park, such as the ever-so-popular Water Country Park with all its attractions, including the kids’ slide and the pipe waterslides. During the Water Festival period, the depth of the pools is restricted between 40 to 50 centimeters to ensure the safety of young kids. Furthermore, Taipei Water Park will utilize the water from Gongguan Purification Plant to replenish the pools inside the park during the festival as a way of boosting public confidence in the quality and cleanness of pool water.

Children have fun in the water park_2Routine water quality checks will be conducted as well. To support resource conservation, Taipei Water Park has also installed a brand-new filter system to minimize waster or water and water resources. The agency has also renovated the surroundings near the scenic landscape pool inside the park to provide a more approachable water-friendly environment for visitors. With more open space added to the area combined with a “corridor” of water sprays, parent and kids will have a fun and cool time playing in this area.

In addition to the facilities, the organizers will also hold an event celebrating Indigenous People’s Day on August 1. We welcome you to join us at the celebrations, complete with dances and performances by indigenous groups. The renowned Song Song Song Children’s and Puppets Theater will bring their play “Grandma and the Magical Bowl” to the audience at Taipei Water Park on the following dates: July 24, August 8, August 22, and August 29. The outdoor performance will no doubt delight the young audience as well as educating them on the importance of water conservation!

For more information regarding activities, facilities, and schedule, please visit the website of TWD (see below) or call Taipei Water Park (see below).

2015 Taipei Water Festival
Date: June 27 – August 30
Time: 9 AM – 8 PM (Closed Monday, Ticket booths close at 7 PM)
Venue: Taipei Water Park (Address: No. 1, Siyuan Street, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City)
TEL: (02) 8369 – 5104
Chinese Website of TWD: http://www.water.gov.taipei
Facebook Fan Page (Chinese): https://www.facebook.com/Water.Taipei

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