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Nostalgic Chinese New Year Street Bazaar Kicks-off in Taipei

Nostalgic Chinese New Year Street Bazaar Kicks-off in TaipeiWith the approach of Chinese New Year, Taipei City Office of Commerce (TCOOC) will be holding the annual Chinese New Year Street Bazaar between January 23 and February 6.

During his address at the press conference, Mayor Ko Wen-je noted that the Chinese New Year Street Bazaar is one of the landmark festivities of Taipei City. This year, the event will center on the themes of “retro” and “nostalgia,” hoping to bring visitors on a trip back to an earlier era and experience the fun of childhood years.

URS44 designed and built the retro “Taipei Kám-á-tiàm” (grocery store)Scan QR Codes to Exchange Souvenirs

The first Chinese New Year Street Bazaar took place at Dihua Street in 1996. This year, the organizers hope to bring shoppers further back in time, to relive the golden eras of the 50s and the 60s. To achieve this objective, URS44 designed and built the retro “Taipei Kám-á-tiàm” (grocery store). This limited time display will allow visitors to learn about concepts such as fair trade, social responsibilities of enterprises, as well as local businesses and stories.

In addition, there will be a range of activities ranging from street performances, masquerade markets, kitchens cooking entrees for New Year banquets, and Dadaocheng treasure hunts. By following the treasure map and scanning the QR codes at designated locations, participants will have a chance to win souvenirs provided by local businesses!

Reliving the golden eras of the 50s and the 60sYear of the Monkey Prosperity Money Giveaway

This year, the annual prosperity money (coin) giveaway will feature a specially-designed charm package combining an NT$1 coin and special Tieguanyin tea leaves from Maokong area with a good luck o-mikuji (paper slip with printed fortune-telling phrases) from Xiahai City God Temple. Mayor Ko will also hand out the prosperity money on January 23, January 31, and February 2 at commercial districts such as Dihua, Ningxia, Rongbin, Taipei Train Station Rear Area, Huayin Street, and Taipei City Mall.

Furthermore, each package also contains discount coupons usable at vendors across three major commercial districts in town. The coupons offer a total savings of up to NT$3 million across 100 stores!

CNY Street Bazaar Pamphlet: The Perfect Guide for New Year’s Shopping Activities

Each commercial district in town offers its onw merchandise and characteristic goods. Those thinking of buying sweets and decorations for Chinese New Year will likely visit Dihua Street, while gourmets seeking local eateries and specialty restaurants will drop by Ningxia Commercial District. For those seeking brand-new attire, why not visit Taipei City Mall, the rear area of Taipei Railway Station, or Huayin Street Commercial District? As for entrees for Chinese New Year’s Eve dinner or as offerings to gods, Rongbin Commercial District offers a great selection. All these information and more can be found inside the pages of the CNY Street Bazaar pamphlet.

This year’s guide to the CNY Street Bazaar is available for free at Taipei tourist information centers, district offices, and international airports.

This limited time display will allow visitors to learn about concepts such as fair trade.Special Decorations to Present the Best of Old Street

Each year, local businesses and residents work together to strengthen the image of the neighborhood among shoppers. This year’s furnishing will highlight the themes of Chinese New Year’s goods, Year of the Monkey, and local elements. Come and visit Dihua Street to learn more about the history and culture of Dadaocheng!

For more information, please visit the website of the 2016 CNY Street Bazaar at: http://2016.newyear.festival.taipei (Chinese). Details are also available on the website of TCOOC: http://www.tcooc.taipei.gov.tw (Chinese).