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Discover Hot Spring Lifestyle at the 2018 Taipei Hot Spring Season

Discover Hot Spring Lifestyle at the 2018 Taipei Hot Spring SeasonThe autumn season heralds the arrival of the Taipei Hot Spring Season. Now in its 17th year, the event has become one of the major festivities of Beitou District and Taipei City.
The 2018 Taipei Hot Spring Season will take place in Beitou District between November 1 and 5. The venues of this year’s event include MRT Xinbeitou Station Plaza, Qixin Street, Qixin Park, and Beitou Park. Visitors traveling to Beitou during the event will have a chance to enjoy various deals and bargains on hot spring and great cuisine.
To enhance the understanding of the public about Taipei’s hot spring culture, the Department of Information and Tourism (TPEDOIT) assist local hot spring resorts and related businesses in the area to organize the annual event. During the press conference on October 24 at city hall, a total of 12 hot spring resort operators in Beitou were invited to set up booths showcasing their respective banquet entrees as part of a tasting event for the public.
Highlighted in this year’s theme “Famous Hot Spring and Cove Banquets,” the Taipei Hot Spring Association worked on the development of new attractions, including the promotion of “One-store-one-cove-banquet,” hot spring splash area for families, diverse performances at the main stage, yukata try-ons, parades, and more.
Furthermore, the event organizers invited Ming Hwa Yuan Theatric Group to stage a major production, as well as Nakasi music competition, outdoor movie shows, and live music concert. There are also guest performances from Japan including the renowned hanagasa dance of Yonezawa City, samurai show, and ink painting art from Dogo in Matsuyama.     
As a continuation of creative culture craftsmanship over the years, the organizers will hold the yutaka design competition this year, attracting design talents from across the island. The finals will be held on November 4, and members of the public are welcomed to attend the event and enjoy the works of these designers.
On November 3 and 4, the Hot Spring Season will feature a procession featuring divine palanquins, local earth deity, and celebrity mascots. Groups of local youths will carry the mikoshi on their shoulders and yell slogans of prosperity as they parade down the road. Unlike previous years, the event in 2018 will feature designated water-playing zones for parents and kids, as well as an area for visitors and participants to offer their prayers and well-wishes. In addition to enjoying wet fun in warm water, participants will also have a chance to receive a special bag of Kuai-Kuai Beitou edition snacks. The special version of Kuai-Kuai treat is only available at designated stores and shops in Beitou during the period of the 2018 Taipei Hot Spring Season. For fans of Kuai-kuai, do not miss the chance to acquire the special edition snack!
In addition, to provide added convenience to international tourists, guided tours of the neighborhood are also available in English and Chinese during the period of the festival. Free shuttle service traveling among local scenic areas will be running during the festival as well.
The organizers have also joined forces with LINE PAY for the first time, allowing visitors to pay with ease. For further details on the festival, users can also download the app “In向北投” on their smart phones to better enjoy the occasion.
2018 Taipei Hot Spring Season
Date: November 1 – 5
Venue: MRT Xinbeitou Station Plaza; Qixin Street; Qixin Park; Beitou Park