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Taipei Camellia Show: A Feast of Blooms Starting January 11

     The 10-day long 2019 Taipei Camellia Show will kick-off at the Taipei Floriculture Experiment Center on Yangminshan starting January 11!
     The Floriculture Experiment Center boasts a substantial collection of camellias which are in full bloom. Furthermore, camellia collectors from across Taiwan have also contributed rare camellia bonsais to the showcase, enticing visitors with a fascinating feast of visual aesthetics combined with the voices of nature in the mountains.  
     According to Parks and Street Lights Office Director Huang Li-yuan, the center boasts a collection of over 500 camellia varieties, with 3000 blossoms across the facility’s parameters, making it the largest camellia garden on the island. In addition to camellias, the center is also home to various flowers, including tea plum, camellia azalea, camellia chrysantha, and more. The garden is covered by patches of tulips, hyacinths, and narcissuses, inviting visitors to take as many photos at the location. 
     The theme of the 2019 event is “Song of Chinese Toon Trees,” and all decorations have been arranged to reflect this topic. With the bloom season of camellia concentrated during the end of winter season to almost spring, the center is also frequently visited by avian during this period of time. Guests ranging from Japanese white-eye to Chinese bulbul to Formosan blue magpie roam the skies and trees in the vicinity, singing their beautiful songs when playing among the tree branches.  
     According to Chief Soong of the center, renovations for the trail inside the center and the main entrance have been completed, making the area more accessible to tourists. Between January 11 and 20, visitors are eligible for a chance to win a small decorative bookmark if he or she “likes” the Facebook fan page of (臺北新花漾粉絲團) and either share or complete a questionnaire. The souvenir carrying the image of a miniature flower spirit would be given away during the period of the camellia show. Furthermore, those winning the bookmark can also use it to get discounts offered by merchants and stores in the surrounding area, including restaurants, hotel accommodations, and hot springs!
     There are also free seminars at the facility on Saturday, January 12 and Saturday, January 19. The talks will cover topics including bonsai design and care, and camellia specimens through martial arts literature. During the weekends of January 12, 13, 19, and 20, the organizers will hold a special exchange event allowing visitors to swap 3 universal invoices for 1 camellia sapling. Choices of camellia saplings include ‘black lace,’ camellia cv., ‘rainbow angel’, and other surprises.   
     For more information on the show, please visit the Chinese website of Taipei Floriculture Experiment Center or the Chinese website of Taipei Parks (https://parks.taipei/). You can also call the center for additional details (TEL: 2861-6361 or 2861-2247).  

Taipei Camellia Show