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Opening up New Horizons: 2018 Taipei International Startup Week

To showcase Taipei’s energetic and vibrant startup landscape, the Department of Economic Development (DOED) will organize the 2018 Taipei International Startup Week between November 13 and 18. 
The event is a joint effort among DOED, Taiwan Association for Virtual and Augmented Reality (TAVAR), Taiwan Angel Club, and Broadband Association (BBA).
This year’s International Startup Week highlights the theme “Leap up! Opening New Horizons” in an effort to place the diversity of Taipei’s business sector in the spotlight, bringing local entrepreneurs to an international stage.
International Track Forum and Matchmaking Event (Nov. 13)
The series of activities under Taipei International Startup Week includes international Track Forum, matchmaking events, Startup Taipei XR Summit, Taipei Startup Hall, and Pop up Asia Handicraft Exhibition. The first event takes place in the morning of November 13 with the forum, inviting representatives from the European Space Agency’s commercial incubation center in the Netherlands, Vietnam’s 500 Startups, and QBO Philippines to share with the audience the latest startup scene developments at the respective nations. Topics to be discussed include business opportunities in the space frontier, construction of a competitive startup ecosystem, and investing in outstanding technology startups.
The representatives will also serve as panelists at the matchmaking event in the afternoon of the same day, offering their comments and evaluation for projects proposed by local startup teams to instill a global perspective and possible proposal improvements through the international exchange.
Startup Taipei: XR Summit (Nov. 14)
The XR summit, co-organized by DOED and TAVAR, has invited XR experts from the Netherlands and Japan to talk about the XR ecosystem and environment in their respective countries, as well as their observations of the industry. Through this international exchange, the organizers hopes to provide local businesses with a better understanding of the international scene and help realize possible collaborations in the area.
Exhibition at Taipei Startup Hall (Nov. 15 – 17)
DOED will be holding the 2018 Meet Taipei Startup Festival at the Taipei Expo Park between November 15 and 17. Inside the Taipei Startup Hall established at the venue, visitors will have a chance to learn about the achievements of local startup teams in the fields of technology innovation, day-to-day commerce, digital innovation, and bio medics.
Pop Up Asia (Nov. 15 – 18)
Finally, to ensure the diversity in Taipei’s startup landscape, the Pop up Asia Asian Handicraft Startup Exhibition will take place at the Songshan Creative and Cultural Park between November 15 and 18. The scope of vendors setting up booths at the exhibition spans cultural and creative industries to handmade products hailing from various parts of the Asia Pacific region. 
For more information, please call DOED via the 1999 Citizens Hotline (ext. 6498 or 1431). Details are also available on the website of startup@Taipei (https://www.startup.taipei/?lang=en) or its Chinese Facebook fan page.
Opening up New Horizons: 2018 Taipei International Startup Week